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Ski Bloggers Talk About Their Favorite Ski Blogs

October 10, 2016 10:47

Best Ski Blogs worldwide!

Taking a break from the chaos of life probably sounds very enticing, especially when you’re thinking about going to an entirely different destination. How does a ski weekend sound?

Planning a ski holiday brings a lot of benefits, some of which include the following:

  • Better physical health: Skiing is a good form of exercise because it has the ability to activate a lot of muscle groups and to work up a sweat.
  • Enhanced thinking: The slopes and challenges of skiing create an opportunity for your brain to work more than it usually does. Aside from avoiding obstacles while skiing, you also need to plan out the best ski routes.
  • Relaxing atmosphere: Who doesn’t enjoy fresh air and picturesque views of snowy landscapes? The soothing feel of a ski destination allows your mind to feel relaxed.

Are you excited to go on a skiing expedition? Hold your horses, though, because you need to prepare for your ski break properly. Failure to plan ahead may result to more harm than good, and will probably produce an excruciating experience instead of a memorable one.

Some of the basic preparations needed before going to your ski holiday include the time of year, the gear that you should bring, travel needs and accommodations, and ski training.

Your best bet in knowing how to prepare is to visit popular ski blogs. We asked 20 influential ski bloggers this one question: “What is your favorite ski blog?”. Check out which ski blog ranks at the top of the list, based on feedback from ski bloggers:

Favorite ski blog (as voted by 20 ski bloggers):

#1 (with 4 votes): Wild Snow

#2 (with 2 votes each): Fall-Line and Unofficial Networks

#3: (with 1 vote each): LesArcs.Blog,, Freeskier Magazine,,, Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal, The Ski Diva Blog, Snow.Guide, Skipedia,, Turns All Year, iGOSKi, Alpine Canada, Brave Ski Mom, Jon Olsson, Iglu Ski, Ski Buzz, Planet Ski, WeLove2Ski, Mad Dog Ski, J2Ski, InTheSnow, Where to Ski & Snowboard, Skier & Snowboarder, Snow Magazine, Ski Section, Racer Ready, OpenSnow, Sierra Avalanche Center, and California Weather Blog

Here are the responses of the ski bloggers, as they share their reasons for following their favorite ski blogs. The responses below are arranged in order of the time when we received them:

undefinedLance NelsonBansko Blog

My own of course

I am a mountain enthusiast and enjoy Bansko, Bulgaria's leading ski resort. I am passionate about skiing but I also love the nightlife here too.

Facebook |Twitter

Ski PediaIain MartinSkipedia -  Consistently informative blog run by local Simon Atkinson. Covers not just Les Arcs, but across the Tarentaise. Gives a real insider angle into the life in the Alps.

Iain Martin is a digital marketing expert and ski journalist.


Cross-Country SkiKim McKenneyCross Country Ski Technique  - aggregates news articles from an amazing array of international sources. It's a fantastic resource, especially for English-speaking Nordic skiing fans. Cross-country skiing is a truly international sport and there are terrific stories from Italian, Swedish, Swiss, German, Russian etc sources that we simply would never get to see if it weren't for Ski-Lines.


Hannah ElliottSki New Generation

My favourite ski blog is Fall Line, I look to it often for inspiration. Fall Line is a more backcountry focused blog, but it covers the ski industry all over the world, highlights gear, shares ski industry news, holds competitions and spreads general snowy goodness.

I also like Freeskier Magazine, although I mostly follow them on Facebook for their videos - they make some great videos. Overall just a fun ski site, obviously focused on freeskiing.

Look out for some exciting social media campaigns we have coming up this autumn and throughout the season. Get to know #TeamNewGen better every week on Facebook and #CountdownToWinter with us on Instagram (@skinewgen).  Every week this season we'll also be sharing a #SkiTipTuesday with our tips on everything from where to eat to how to avoid the queues.

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A mountain JourneyDerek LennonA Mountain Journey,,,

A Mountain Journey focuses on news, entertainment, and information for backcountry skiers and mountain enthusiasts.

Facebook | Instagram

Brave Ski MomKristen LummisThe Brave Ski Mom

The Ski Diva Blog. Wendy Clinch established one of the first websites for women skiers. She runs an excellent forum and writes interesting blog posts each week.


Facebook |Twitter | Instagram

Warren Smith SkiRob StanfordWarren Smith Ski Academy

Snow.Guide - very informative and thorough run through from anything snowsports related. Acts as a great go to for any enthusiast.

We are the Warren Smith Ski Academy and we run performance ski coaching courses all over the world. We post daily information and updates through a range of social media outlets ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our main vlogs created on our Youtube page Warren Smith Ski Academy.

Facebook |Twitter | Instagram


State of the BackcountryBrennan LagasseState of the Backcountry - Since it began, Unofficial Networks has offered a local’s take on the best skiing destinations around the globe. As a contributor, I have authored original pieces about ski travel and backcountry skiing since its inception. The site has changed overtime, but it continues to offer new material each day that appeals to anyone that loves sliding on snow. 

Brennan Lagasse is a writer and ski guide based in Lake Tahoe, CA. He leads ski trips around the globe and might be guiding your next dream trip. Give his website a look or see what he's up to on Instagram.


Snow GuideRob StewartSnow.Guide

It depends what you classify as a blog, but there's some fantastic ski websites out there - in terms of blogs, Iglu Ski is very good, Ski Buzz is Crystal Ski’s blog and has some good content and Skipedia has some really interesting topics. Then you go into the realms of online only ski website such as Planet Ski and WeLove2Ski, that have tons of great content coming out all the time including features and news, then Mad Dog Ski, J2Ski are very good. Of course, the printed ski magazines also have great online sections including InTheSnow, Where to Ski & Snowboard, Skier & Snowboarder, Fall-Line, Snow Magazine and The Telegraph with its ski section on the travel site. We have some great niche sites too, Racer Ready for example and Ski Industry News.

Snow.Guide has been going for nearly 10 years (formally The Skiing Department) and focuses on destinations, equipment and ski technique and then when we changed the name we also introduced a snowboard element too. You can check us out on Twitter too (



Of course my favorite ski blog is The site was started in 2008 to build a community of skiers and riders at Alpine Meadows, located near Lake Tahoe. We've been doing our best to provide realistic ski reports and weather forecasting, as well as providing an open forum for locals and visitors to talk about the mountain and the Alpine Meadows experience. Since Squaw Valley bought Alpine Meadows in 2011, the Squawlification of the Alpine Meadows experience has been real. We're doing what we can to preserve the Alpine Meadows culture.

Where is KyleKyle MillerWhere Is Kyle Miller?

My favorite skiing blog by far is as it is a community site that through quick trip reports lets people know status, snow conditions and if it is worth taking the long slog to get into areas. Blogs have come and gone but this is one of the originals and it still holding strong

From week long solo expeditions into remote areas in the North Cascades of Washington to living and ski touring out of hunters cabins in the high country of New Zealand. I am very fortunate to have paved a path where my life is an adventure and I get to explore the remote corners of the world through the use of a splitboard.

Eddie GildeaEddie

IGOSKI.CO.UK is great! Everything is in one place - lodging, lift tickets, special deals, and flight info.

I'm currently training in New Zealand for the upcoming season. The snow has been amazing at Cardrona! I landed a three-double run both days at the Cardrona Games, and we have an upcoming US Ski Team camp in October down here.


Dustin CookDustin

Alpine Canada blog. News and stories about Canadian ski racing.

Twitter | Instagram

Jason MitchellFeed The Habit has covered gear reviews for road biking, mountain biking, trail running, backpacking and backcountry skiing for over 16 years. We thoroughly use the gear we review and provide our honest thoughts on our web site and via our social channels.

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The Ski DivaWendy ClinchThe Ski Diva

My favorite ski blog is Don't let the name fool you. Even though it began with a focus on family skiing, it's become so much more than that. BraveSkiMom offers insights into all things skiing, including gear reviews, resort information, and tips about how to have a great time on the slopes. The writing is great, and the attitude is upbeat and fun.

TheSkiDiva is the leading online community for women skiers. It's a place for women to talk about all things skiing -- gear, technique, resorts, and more -- in a way that we can relate to. The site offers both a forum where women can participate in on-line discussions, and a blog, which features articles and interviews.

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Go Team GreggBrian GreggGo Team Gregg

Showcases the lives of Olympic skiers Brian and Caitlin Gregg and highlights their work with at risk youth.

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Chris CrossenReal Deep Snow

Wildsnow, run by the legendary Lou Dawson, is the most comprehensive, geeked-out backcountry / AT focused blog. Lou's knowledge, passion, and penchant for research really make his site stand out from the rest. He has a tendency to get somewhat technical regarding gear, but overall, if you are a serious backcountry skier, this is one of the best resources you can use. unprecedented weather forecasting and discussion for western US read it every morning in the winter for the local report. the navy forecasters are out every day, in various locations, and their reports give a very good picture as to what is happening with the snowpack - vital for any backcountry skier run by a Stanford PhD, great resource for larger-picture weather forecasting, trends, and anomalies.

Joe HidesJoe HidesJoe Hides

Growing up in the freestyle community I have always followed Jon Olsson's video blog. Jon is a multitalented athlete who competed at professional levels within ski racing and Free skiing. He was one of the Original people to start pushing the boundaries of typical skiing. A lot inspiration throughout the early stages of my personal career came from the skiing in his video blog.

My name is Joe Hides, I am a professional freestyle skier from the UK. Keep up to date with my movements at Facebook and Instagram.

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A big thanks to the ski bloggers who sent in their answers! Through this survey, we hope that you now have an idea what the ski experts and enthusiasts love to browse online. Feel free to check out these ski blogs as well, and read more ski weekends and breaks recommendations and tips.