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Complimentary Airport Transfers

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Winter 22/23 Transfer Slots not yet published

We offer complimentary transfers to and from the airport for all our Alpine Elements/iGOSKI hotels and some of our chalets. Our ‘free transfer’ will take you to the door of your chalet or hotel, or as near as we can get you! 

This leaves you free to book your own flights and pre-book onto one of our transfer buses, but we’d advise not to select a bus that departs within 90 mins of your published flight arrival time. For inbound (return) flights home, we’d recommend allowing a little more time - see our guidelines below. If you miss a scheduled departure for whatever reason then our representative on the TOC desk at Geneva airport will help you plan an alternative method of transport to the resort.

Outbound transfers

Buses will depart at their scheduled times and an Alpine Elements/iGOSKI Transfer Rep is based at Geneva airport to help you find your transfer coach after you have picked up your bags. Our Rep is available by phone for guests at all times. We may, at our discretion, delay a scheduled departure (if deemed reasonable) which may mean a few minutes for a few guests or longer for 20-30 guests. 

When booking your outbound flights, we recommend that you allow 90 mins to 2 hours between your flight landing and your scheduled transfer departure from the airport, so you can pick up your bags and meet our Reps.

Inbound transfers

We may also depart slightly earlier than scheduled, if snow, traffic or adverse weather  is likely to affect the return transfer for your flight home.

Nevertheless, when booking your return flights home, we recommend you ‘play it safe’ and allow no less than 2 hours between your scheduled transfer arrival time (at the airport) and your published flight departure time. Plus another 30 to 40 mins in peak* periods.

 *Peak periods are normally school holiday weeks and late Feb / early March; or peak times in the middle of the day.

Booking our transfers

The seats on our transfer buses are limited, so don't leave it too late to book your transfer. If our coach is full, you will need to organise your own transfer to the resort, and our sales team can help you book a private transfer at your expense. We cannot accept transfer bookings within 14 days of departure, unless you are booking your holiday within this period.

To book, simply email transfers@alpineelements.co.uk with your ‘AO booking reference’ number and slot preference. When we have confirmed your reservation, we will send you a voucher to show our rep, so you can board the coach.

Booking your Flights 

We recommend that you book your flights when we have sent you formal confirmation of your allocated transfer time/slot which will come detailed on your iGOSKI Confirmation Invoice or Confirmation of Option. View transfer times and slots below.

Holding an Option

You can hold an Option for 24hrs on your accommodation and transfer slot so you are able to secure your flights before paying us a deposit. Please do not book your flights until you receive our iGOSKI Confirmation Invoice or Confirmation of Option.

Choose your transfer

Select and pre-book the following coach times to and from resort to best suit your flight arrival and departure times. All times are local.

Choose your transfer

For Inbound (arriving) Guests
Scheduled time of departure from Geneva airport
Morzine Summer 2022 Saturday Coach Departs Geneva 1pm, 5.30pm
Morzine Winter Sunday Coach Departs Geneva 11.30am; 3pm; 6.30pm
Morzine Winter (Dec 11) Saturday Coach Departs Geneva 12.50pm
Morzine Winter (Dec 27; Jan 3) Monday Coach Departs Geneva 12.50pm; 5.30pm; 7pm
Morzine Ski Weekends Sunday Coach Departs Geneva 11.30am; 3pm; 6.30pm
Morzine Ski Weekends Wednesday Coach Departs Geneva 7.30pm
3 Valleys Winter Sunday Coach Departs Geneva 1pm; 6pm
3 Valleys (Dec 11) Saturday Coach Departs Geneva 12.50pm
3 Valleys (Dec 27; Jan 3) Monday Coach Departs Geneva 1pm; 6.30pm
La Plagne Winter Sunday Coach Departs Geneva 5pm
La Plagne Winter (Dec 11) Saturday Coach Departs Geneva 12.50pm
La Plagne Winter (Dec 27; Jan 3) Monday Coach Departs Geneva 6.30pm
Tignes Summer 2022 Saturday Coach Departs Geneva 3.30pm
Tignes Winter Sunday Coach Departs Geneva 5pm
Tignes Winter (Dec 11) Saturday Coach Departs Geneva 12.50pm
Tignes Winter (Dec 27; Jan 3) Monday Coach Departs Geneva 6.30pm


For Outbound (departing) Guests 
Scheduled time of arrival to Geneva airport
Morzine Summer 2022 Saturday Coach Arrives Geneva 7.30am; 12pm
Morzine Winter Sunday Coach Arrives Geneva 7am; 10.30am; 3pm
Morzine Winter (Dec 27; Jan 3) Monday Coach Arrives Geneva 7am; 10.30am; 2pm
Morzine Ski Weekends Wednesday (Midweek) Coach Arrives Geneva 7pm
Morzine Ski Weekends Sunday (Weekend) Coach Arrives Geneva 7am; 10.30am; 3pm
3 Valleys Winter Sunday  Coach Arrives Geneva 7am
3 Valleys Winter (Dec 27; Jan 3) Monday Coach Arrives Geneva 7.30am; 12pm
La Plagne Winter Sunday  Coach Arrives Geneva 7am
La Plagne Winter (Dec 27; Jan 3) Monday Coach Arrives Geneva 7.30am
Tignes Summer 2022 Saturday Coach Arrives Geneva 12.30pm
Tignes Winter Sunday  Coach Arrives Geneva 7am
Tignes Winter (Dec 27; Jan 3) Monday Coach Arrives Geneva 7.30am

Points to note

  • Please be aware there may be changes to advertised transfer times, but only to depart the airport later or to arrive at the airport earlier on your return. Therefore, any changes should not affect your flight booking, but only lengthen waiting times. This may be necessary in poor weather or consolidating transfers. 
  • Our transfers are reserved for Alpine Elements and iGOSKI guests only and they are often full. You can only board a coach if you have pre-booked and can show proof of your booking (your Confirmation Invoice) or a voucher. We may not be able to transfer any ‘additional party members’ if they are not included on your party's voucher or Confirmation Invoice.
  • We may need to change a supplement for baggage or if there is a delay or diversion requiring additional resources due to (by way of example) adverse weather and airport closures.
  • Our complimentary transfers depart at a fixed time on our standard weekend changeover day, and it is your responsibility to meet our transfer on time.
  • Transfers are (for the most part) shared with other guests and so they will depart at the set time. If you are delayed then you may miss your transfer. They cannot always be moved to suit an individual delay or requirement.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that when you book your flights, you allow plenty of time at the airport to utilise your allocated transfer, and that you factor in delays. We recommend that you take an appropriate level of personal travel/medical insurance to cover your onward travel costs (e.g. a replacement flight home) resulting from a delayed or missed transfer.
  • There may be a wait at the airport for your transfer to depart. Do satisfy yourself of the time and place of departure of your transfer before you arrange your holiday and travel to check that it suits your needs. 
  • If you miss your allocated transfer then we will endeavour to place you onto another transfer, if one is available. If there is no alternative transfer - or our other transfers are full - then you must be prepared to pay for a taxi or hire a car to get to the resort.


  • We will endeavour to ensure that our transfers arrive and depart at the scheduled times we have published. In some circumstances, (e.g. extreme weather or peak times), it may be necessary for us to make a change to your allocated transfer time and we will endeavour to do this so that it does not affect your original flight booking, so long as you have booked your flights in accordance with our recommendations and terms above. For example, you may be moved to an earlier slot to accommodate a longer journey time. You will be informed of any such changes in resort. 
  • We reserve the right to consolidate transfers, (for example, in bad weather, traffic or low passenger numbers) and you may be reallocated to an earlier transfer time, thus lengthening your wait at the airport.
  • Our transfers are complementary and carry no charge. Therefore we ask guests to understand the risks of delay when booking onto them. We cannot be held liable for missed flights however caused, and guests must be aware of the risk of adverse weather, heavy traffic or lengthened airport delays etc, especially in peak periods. If you miss your transfer or return flight home then you must be prepared to pay for your own cost of replacement travel. We cannot be held responsible for settling any additional travel costs in any event.
  • Our transfers are run by third party suppliers whose terms and conditions will apply, and override ours. When booking onto our transfer you agree to the risks involved of missing your transfer and/or your return flights home; and you indemnify Alpine/Ocean Elements (iGOSKI Ltd) of any further cost or loss that you may incur.

Transfers are complimentary

Our complimentary airport transfers are provided as standard with many of our accommodations and deemed a ‘minor’ item, therefore they do not constitute a package. As a complimentary service, they are not chargeable to you and do not carry any form of compensation for failure to perform or arrive / depart on time. Your transfer may not have an Alpine Elements rep on board, but we will have reps to meet you at either end of your journey.

Transfer times

Please be aware that all transfer times indicated on the website or brochure material from airport to the resort are a guide only and have been calculated under normal driving conditions in a minibus at 100kmph (62.5mph). Factors such as heavy traffic, coach travel, snowfall, coach stops (for the loo and refreshment), feeder transport and adverse weather may lengthen transfer times.

Third party suppliers and stops

Our airport transfers are subcontracted to third party companies and so we cannot guarantee their prompt arrival or performance and their terms and conditions will always apply. Private cars or minibuses are also used for transfers and feeder transfers, however sometimes it may be necessary to share a transfer with another Operator, especially in peak periods, in times of inclement weather and for travel delays. The bus driver will stop for a refreshment or loo break for all routes, except Morzine (unless otherwise requested). English may not be the first language of your transfer driver.

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