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The Best Way to Beat Stress: A Short Ski Break


Stress is one of the main enemies of our health and finding the way to get rid of it is something that is highly recommended. Sadly, it is something that many people live with without ever finding a way of dealing with it effectively. However, if you like winter sports a short weekend break in the Alps may be the best way to relax and forget about everything. There are some great reasons for believing that going skiing could be your perfect way of beating stress.


One of the difficult things about short weekend breaks is that you can end up spending more time travelling than doing fun stuff in the place you go to. Long trips with lots of transport issues and transfers can make a journey more stressful than staying at home would have been. Thankfully, the top ski resorts in the French Alps are a lot simpler to get to than many people initially believe. Places like Chamonix, Les Gets, La Tania and Val d’Isere can be reached in just a few hours and with no hassle at all. For example, a short flight to Geneva Airport is typically followed by a transfer of a couple of hours or so. In this way, even if you leave the country after work on Friday afternoon you will still be in your chosen resort in time to order a glass of French wine before last orders at the bar on the same day. Why drive all day through huge queues of traffic or sit uncomfortably on a marathon bus or train journey? The simplicity of the Alps as a destination for ski weekends  makes it a fine choice for anyone who is feeling stressed and wants a smooth and care-free break. AN



Is there anything in the world better for letting your stress melt away than an idyllic, snowy town nestled high in the Alps? The first sight of the resort you are going to stay in is likely to take your breath away, as many of these classy ski bases are simply picture perfect. Some of the best French ski resorts have been around for a long time and offer a quaint, authentic atmosphere for visitors to soak up. The stylish chalets and beautiful restaurants dotted around the place make these towns an absolute delight to spend time in. This sort of idyllic location is perfect for feeling at one with nature and forgetting about your worries back home. If your boss has been putting you under pressure or you have a huge new project to sort out then you will be amazed at how quickly it fades into the background once you look at the stunning Alpine vistas around you. It is amazing how quickly first time visitors to this region are won over by it. It really is love at first sight for many people who travel across here for short ski breaks.


If this is your first time on a ski weekend trip then the actual skiing part is something you are sure to be looking forward to immensely. Having said that, might you also be feeling just a bit nervous about getting out on the snowy slopes for the first time? When you need to lower your stress levels this is a good thing to feel. The reason for this is that you will be forced to focus your full attention on something that is highly enjoyable but that also offers you a reasonably tough challenge. There is no denying that the feeling of swishing down the snow on your skis is one of the most exhilarating things that you will experience on your short ski weekends. It is an incredible sensation of freedom and lightness that you will feel as you make your way down the slopes. There is a lot to remember when you are skiing, though. When you are trying to remember all of the stuff your instructor told you there isn’t much chance of you also thinking about all of the other things that have got you stressed out in the first place. Before long, it is highly likely that you find yourself skiing away happily without a care in the world.


The time that you spend out skiing is likely to be something that makes you feel wonderful, but it isn’t the only thing that is going to leave you with a warm glow. Ski weekends like this are about having the time of your life eating, drinking and doing whatever makes you feel good.

The top quality resorts that you can choose from in this region offer you plenty of opportunities for relaxing and feeling a world away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Great restaurants and bars are easy to find and you can have a lot of fun mixing with other tourists in them.

In addition, these are great spots to head to with a bunch of fun-loving friends. You can all stay together in lovely accommodation and head out to ski, eat and drink together.

Ski weekend like this are definitely among the best ways of bonding with a group of friends and just thinking about the good things in life for a couple of enjoyable days.

If you need to reduce the amount of stress in your life then why not take a quick look at our best deals  to see how affordable it is to do this right now.



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